A Team of Leaders shows readers how to design systems that nurture the leadership potential of every employee–the key to creating high-performance teams. The book’s proven principles and techniques include: creating advantage through the Five Stage Team Development Model, the secrets of a great design – you get what you design for, utilizing great team processes, establishing a value creation model which connects team members with their contribution,  managing knowledge for a competitive advantage and leveraging visual management tools to reinforce the desired team culture and outcomes. 

Book Review by Marc Swartz

I just finished A Team of Leaders. WOW! It left me smiling. I have studied and practiced Team Development as the leader of start ups as well as existing operations for 25 years. This book broke new ground for me by tying it all together.  I like to see how it all fit together like weaving together a fabric. I have a particular bias for trying to see things in a holistic manner. This book was perfect for me.

My fabric was indeed like a tattered sackcloth when I compare it to the beautiful fabric you have woven. You have succeeded in showing how all the tools fit together to drive the development of teams of leaders. And you did this in a way that is engaging and easy to follow. Using the 5 stage Team Development Model as the framework is brilliant. And I think you did a superb job of showing how Knowledge Management and the Learning Organization concepts are integral to the development of team.

Congratulations on a great book. I highly recommend it.



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